Liberal Arts Acknowledges Service, Retirement, and Excellence

The College of Liberal Arts held its 2007 awards ceremony Wednesday, April 25. A variety of awards, along with service certificates and retirements, were acknowledged.

Jerry B. Gough, associate professor of history, and Ella Inglebret, assistant professor of speech and hearing sciences, were awarded the William F. Mullen Excellence in Teaching Award. The prize recognizes faculty members who exemplify excellence with an emphasis on involvement with students and student groups outside of the classroom. Both Gough and Inglebret received $1,500 and a medal.

The Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award recognized the work of Charles Argersinger, professor of music and creator and director of the University's annual Festival of Contemporary Art Music. "Professor Argersinger's passion and his tireless efforts have made the festival a jewel of this university," said Erich Lear, dean of the college.

Edward P. Weber, associate professor of political science and director of the Thomas S. Foley Institute for Public Policy and Public Service, was named an Edward R. Meyer Distinguished Professor. Weber was also recognized for his contribution as acting chair of the Department of Political Science.

The college recognized the contributions of John W. (Jack) and Janet Creighton by awarding them the Distinguished Friends and Alumni Achievement Award. The award recognizes those who have achieved the highest levels of success in their personal and professional lives and who have shared that success through their involvement in the University or community.

A $3 million gift from the Creightons created the Corps of Discovery Endowed Chair in the Department of History. Interest from the gift will also fund symposia, travel, and graduate study related to the history of the American West. Interviews have been conducted to fill the position, which begins next fall, and a public announcement of the successful scholar is expected soon.

Outstanding Staff Award honors were given to Wade Lafferty, computing coordinator for the college, and to Jerri Smith, academic coordinator in the Department of English.

The Dean's Distinguished Contribution Award was given to Gary Lindsey, senior public relations/communications coordinator, in recognition of his service as chair of the committee that drafted the college mission statement.

Twenty-five-year service awards went to Pamela Lee, fine arts; Greg Yasinitsky, music; and Dorothy Casavant, sociology.

Thirty-year service awards were presented to Aloysius Chang, foreign languages and cultures; Eloy González, foreign languages and cultures; Birgitta Ingemanson, foreign languages and cultures; Nicholas Lovrich, political science; Gail Chermak, speech and hearing sciences; and Connie Rodeen, speech and hearing sciences.

Thirty-five-year service awards were presented to LeRoy Ashby, history; Harry Silverstein, philosophy; Thomas Brigham, psychology; and Michael Allen, sociology.

Terrence Cook, political science, received an award for 40 years of service, and David Stratton, history, received an award for 45 years of service.

Retirees recognized at the event were Robert Ackerman, anthropology (46 years of service to WSU); Linda Stone, anthropology (26 years); Dorothy Casavant, sociology (25 years); and Marilyn Dillsi, music (17 years).

Photo: Jerry Gough

Jerry Gough

Photo: Ella Inglebret

Ella Inglebret

Photo: Charles Argersinger

Charles Argersinger

Photo: Edward P. Weber

Edward Weber

Photo: Wade Lafferty

Wade Lafferty

Photo: Jerri Smith

Jerri Smith

Photo: Gary Lindsey

Gary Lindsey

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