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WSU Greek Survey and Committee Developments
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Greetings from the Greek Alumni Organization Executive Team!

In April this year the GAO sent out surveys to over 11,000 WSU Greek Alumni and Undergraduates to solicit input and suggestions for improvement from the WSU Greek Community on the most important issues.  The surveys resulted in four major GAO Improvement Teams and the following individuals have volunteered to chair or co-chair each committee:

  1.  Facilities and Neighborhood - Bob Cady, 
  2. Student Conduct - Christina Randall,
  3. New Student Recruitment Carin Pavish, & Peggy Wiggum,
  4. Communication Doug Thomas, 

Each team has been working through many of the ideas and suggestions that were received through the GAO Survey which was sent out to over 11,000 WSU Greek Alumni and several hundred Greek Undergraduates.  Each Improvement Team includes representation from Greek Alumni, Greek Undergraduates, CFSL Staff, Alumni Relations Staff, WSU Student Conduct Staff, and in some cases the College Hill Association and various departments within the City of Pullman to include Public Works, Planning and the Police Department.

The GAO Improvement Teams have been strategically set up to be inclusive of all major stakeholders so that the resulting solutions and or suggested improvements produced from this initiative are achieved through collaborative effort.  This method was felt to be the best approach to achieving incremental improvement rather than an approach whereby individual stakeholders act independently of each other which often times results in a less than favorable outcome for several of the other parties.  At the same time the GAO Improvement Team Chairpersons are being very careful not to get bogged down in too much detail; rather they are determined to be very deliberate when working through the suggestions that were brought forward by individuals who completed the survey.  Doug Thomas GAO President said We dont expect to address all of the opportunities within the WSU Greek Community in one year or two years, we are simply committed to making meaningful mutually beneficial incremental improvements with the most important items first.

The next GAO meeting is scheduled for 2:00pm Friday September 11th at the Seattle Sheraton.  At this meeting a more detailed update from each Improvement Team Chairperson will be presented.  An update of this information will be sent out immediately following the GAO meeting in Seattle to all 11,000+ Greek Alumni and all current Greek Undergraduates.  We hope that you will be able to attend this meeting and would ask that you RSVP at or simply call the Alumni Association at 800-258-6978 and they will register you.  This meeting will take place the afternoon prior to the WSU vs. Hawaii Football game at Quest Field and we hope to see you at the game as well.  Several of the Greek Chapters will be meeting in the Quest Field Events Center before the game.  If you are interested the Alumni Association can set up signs/balloons for your chapter for pre-game refreshments and fellowship.  Hope to see you all there!

If you have questions and or would like to become more involved with the GAO please contact Doug Thomas at or via phone at 360-733-1640.

If you did not receive a survey request, please contact Missy Lee at the CFSL office and she will be sure to add your contact information to the Greek Life distribution list.  Missy can be reached at: or @ 509-335-5433.  We encourage you to share this with other WSU Greek Alumni who may not be receiving updates so that they can be included in the Greek News mailing list.

Greek Alumni Organization Mission Statement 

To Assist the University and Alumni Association in achieving their goals by; serving as advocates for the Greek system at Washington State University, providing mentoring, career networking and professional assistance to all Greeks, encouraging academic and intellectual growth among undergraduates and by creating a supportive environment between all Greeks, the Alumni Association and Washington State University.