Greek News

Greek Centennial Update

Missy Lee, Program Coordinator
Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life

Planning is well underway as  we prepare to celebrate 100 years of fraternity and sorority life at WSU. There will be a week of events, culminating with a banquet and special alumni seating at the WSU/Southern Methodist University football game.  Please visit the Centennial website for details and to buy tickets.

We also invite you to participate in a very personal way—please share your memories of being Greek at WSU (no matter how old or how new!).  What is your favorite recollection of spring in Pullman, or winter (all that snow), or a favorite event?  Did you meet your spouse at a chapter dance or date dash?  What was it like to be a student when you were here? One contribution is already posted in the “Share Your Experience” section of the Centennial website.  We are compiling  historical information and it is quite easy to find sources  from the 20’s and 30’s, but impossible to find  much published work on student life after the 60’s.

Please email things you would like to share to  If it is a photo or document you want to keep, call Missy at 509-335-2614 to make arrangements on how to handle it and get it back to you safely.